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Introducing Windows 10

Windows 10 bridges the gap between PCs and tablets. This new OS combines the best bits of old and new Windows features into a cohesive package, while correcting nearly all of the missteps of Windows 8.

IT “Best Practice” methodology recommends upgrading to a new PC or Workstation with Windows 10 natively installed, rather than upgrading to Windows 10 from a previous Windows version on the same PC. However, if your plan is to upgrade your existing PC, workstation or laptop to Windows 10, below are several points to consider prior to upgrading:

• As Windows 10 is a brand new operating system, we are recommending to wait several months prior to installing, giving Microsoft the chance to work out any “real world” bugs
• You should check your current PC’s specifications in terms of RAM memory, available disk space and processing power before installing Windows 10 to ensure you have an adequate configuration to support Windows 10
• We do not recommend installing Window 10 on any PCs running XP, Vista or older versions of Windows
• Your current Antivirus software running on Windows 7 will need to be upgraded to run on Windows 10
• AlphaCom, Tiny Term and other popular terminal emulation software may also need to be upgrade to run on Windows 10
• Many of the new features in Windows 10 will be lost on those who don’t have touch screen functionality
• Automatic, forced updates could spell trouble later on
• Cortana’s features are better suited for smartphones than PCs, Laptops or Workstations

Please contact your local ASK salesperson for more information.